Assessment Paper – Fire Safety Awareness

(Please select one answer for each question unless otherwise stated)

1) Who is the Responsible Person in the case of the hospital in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005?
2) True or false? Staff members do NOT have any responsibility for fire safety.
3) List two elements required for a fire to start.
4) Radiated Heat and Convection are two ways in which fire spreads. List two more?
5) Give two causes of fire in hospitals
7) True or false? Fire doors can be held open with a wooden wedge , waste bin or a fire extinguisher
8) What should you do if you see a fire hazard or become aware of a deficiency in fire safety arrangements?
9) What type of extinguisher has a black band on it and what is it used for?
10) There are two stages to the fire alarm in a clinical area, what are they?
11) If you discover a fire what are the three first actions you should take?
14) When should piped oxygen supplies be isolated?
16) When can you re-enter the building following a fire?
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