Assessment Paper – Information Governance 2

(Please select one answer for each question unless otherwise stated)

2) A breach of confidentiality can…? (select 3)
3) Which Director in the Trust is the named Caldicott Guardian?
4) Which of the following Caldicott Guidelines is true
5) You have a friend who is anxious about her daughter’s test results and asks you to look on the hospital system to see what it says. What do you do?
6) Which of the following should be considered before information is disclosed
8) Who is responsible for the security of confidential information within The Trust?
9) Which of these measures should be adopted to improve confidentiality in the organisation? ?
(Please select THREE options)
10) You enter a lift where two doctors are discussing a patient. What do you think they should do?
11) Where would you put unwanted papers containing confidential information?
12) What laws are you breaching if you were to look up a relative’s personal information or someone you know outside of work without a legitimate reason to do so??
(Please select THREE options)
13) Which of the following is the best course of action if you receive a phishing email?
14) When writing in a patient’s medical record you must ensure you:
15) Which of the following statements about the Freedom of Information Act is correct?
16) Which of the following are breaches in Data Protection?
(Select one or more options)
18) What should you do if you need to leave your computer unattended for a few minutes?
19) Which of these would be considered a secure password?
21) If a colleague has forgotten their smartcard what should you do?
22) Name 3 types of Special Category Data (Sensitive Information)
23) You see a patient you know socially in A&E and you phone a mutual friend to let them know. Is this OK?
24) You have received a suspicious telephone call. What should you do next?
25) What is the impact of poor data quality?
27) What is wrong with putting information about a particular patient or colleague on Social Media??
(Please select TWO options)
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