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Raising the profile and aiming to reduce stigma "Inclusive not exclusive"

A survey was undertaken in January and February 2019 to gauge whether staff of MKUH would want a disability network, and if so, what that network would do.

The results were resoundingly yes, and the first MKUH disability network meeting was held on 6th March 2019, with 15 colleagues attending.

Discussions at the first meeting were around getting to know one another, discussing the WDES Workforce Disability Equality Scheme which came into place in April 2019, and thinking about what we might want this group to achieve. The group is informal and we are still in the early development stages of what the aims of the group will be. The group aims to meet  every six weeks.            

Some of the topics that will be covered in this meeting will include wheel chairs update, review of the social event, WDES and your chance to meet our new Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

All members of MKUH staff and volunteers are welcome; you do not have to have a disability to attend

If you would like to join the Disability Network or attend the next meeting please [email protected]

You will be sent the next meeting dates invites, disability awareness news and other useful information. 



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