Study Leave

page updated 21/10/19

HEETV - Study Budget FAQs v7

How to apply for study leave and funding criteria 2020

Consultants & SASG Doctors Study Leave Application form  
Consultants & SASG Doctors Study Leave Expenses and Course Fees Claim Form 

Training Grade Doctors Study Leave Additional Funds Application form 
Training Grade Doctors Study Leave  Claim form

HEETV - Study  Budget FAQ      Guidance 2019
HEE-TV  Appointed Junior Doctors in Training Study Leave application form v 7

Trust Doctors Study Leave Application form 
Trust Doctors Study Leave Expenses & Course Fees Claim Form 

Please ensure your are at least 100% compliant with your mandatory training before submitting your application

When submitting claim forms please ensure all the relevant receipts are attached.

If you have any queries in relation to study leave please contact
Christine Bishop  -  Study Leave Administrator
T: 01908 995073  internal ext: 85073
email: [email protected]