Annual Leave

Annual leave is your chance to take a break from work and recharge. We recommend that annual leave is spread out during the year to make sure you have the time to rest throughout the year.

We have attached the annual leave card for 2018/2019 as well as both annual leave calculators so that you may access these tools at home when organising your annual leave


The policy has also been attached in conjunction with the small FAQ detailed below. 

How much annual leave do I have?

Annual leave is set by the Agenda for Change NHS Terms and Conditions of Service and based on length of service in the NHS. 

The entitlement quoted in days is based on staff working 5 even shifts per week (e.g. Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm).

Employees working uneven shift patterns (e.g. Monday 1.30pm-9.00pm, Tuesday 4.00pm-8.00pm) will have their leave calculated in hours.

Part time employees will have their leave pro rat'd and calculated in hours.


When are the bank holidays?

  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • May Day
  • Spring Bank Holiday (late May)
  • August Bank Holiday
  • Christmas Day *
  • Boxing Day *
  • New Years Day *

*If these dates fall on a weekend (Saturday and/or Sunday) the official public holiday will be the following Monday (and Tuesday in the case of both Christmas Day and Boxing Day falling at the weekend).

Where Good Friday and/or Easter Monday falls in March, the public holidays will be deemed to be part of the leave year in which it falls. If this situation occurs then the leave year in which the additional public holiday falls, and the following year, will need to be adjusted accordingly.

The Public Holiday period is for a 24 hour period, starting from the midnight leading into the public holiday until midnight on the day of the public holiday. 

I have changed hours during the leave year, how can I calculate what I have now? 

An employee who changes their contracted hours, or for staff whose leave entitlement changes part way through a leave year by reaching a long service threshold (i.e. five or ten years service) will have their annual leave entitlement recalculated as follows:
The annual leave entitlement for the complete months is calculated using 1/12th of the full year entitlement both pre and post change of contractual hours.

Staff who change their contracted hours part way through a month, or reach a long service threshold part way through a month, should not lose entitlement. In these cases the entitlement for the month in which the change occurs will be calculated as follows:

change in hours AL.png

Can I take more than 2 weeks off for my annual leave?

The Trusts stance on annual leave for the majority of cases, is a maximum of 2 weeks. There may be times where extended periods of leave are required and these may be granted subject to agreement and in accordance of service needs. These requests which last over 2 weeks must be submitted in writing to the relevant departmental manager and contain the reason for the request.

I am sick during annual leave, what do I do? 

If you are sick during your period of annual leave and you rather it be recorded as sickness, you must follow normal sickness absence reporting procedures. Even if the sickness is less than 7 calendar days you may be expected to produce a fitness to work certificate upon your return to work. 

If you recover before the end of your sick leave you can return to take the remainder of your annual leave as long as you report that you are no longer sick and will be resuming your annual leave. 

For more information please see the policy below.