Mandatory Training Information


The Trust’s Mandatory Training Team brings together a broad range of skills and experience,  providing a varied and innovative programme for induction as well as statutory and mandatory training for all staff.  We work closely with our colleagues from all areas of the Trust to support, develop and facilitate training specific to the needs of the staff in compliance with patient safety standards.

Step by step to updating your Mandatory Training


How do I know what training I need to do? 

Your personal training records can be found on the Business Intelligence (BI) system, accessible through an icon on PC desktops. If you are a manager you can also review your teams compliance and training records on BI.

How do I choose from the methods of learning available?

This depends on your learning preference and the time available to complete training

Classroom Training

We offer a comprehensive classroom training schedule which covers all of your Mandatory Training requirements. These sessions give you the opportunity to ask the trainers questions and as they are subject matter experts in their area, you can be assured you will get the very best update on your skills and knowledge.

e-learning or eAssessments

E-learning or eAssessments allow you to undertake training at your own pace and at a time that suits your pattern of work and other commitments. Dont forget that computers are available in the Library for completing e-learning or eAssessments, and you can even request access to the e-learning system for use at home! 


Workbooks are a great way of completing your mandatory training, giving you greater flexibility and choice. They can be used when access to a computer is limited or staff cannot be released for classroom training. Please allow the training leads at least two weeks to process the workbooks once they have been received.