eCARE Live 18 May 2018

eCARE is more than just a new computer system, it’s a new way of working giving staff access to improved up-to-date information so they can deliver safer and more efficient care.

eCARE will:

  • Help to better manage a patient’s journey through the hospital, meaning they can be admitted and discharged faster
  • Support clinical decision-making and care planning to improve safety, patient experience and treatment outcomes
  • Give staff access to real-time patient experience and treatment outcomes
  • Analyse how services are being used and how they can keep moving
  • Identify when and where beds become available through the hospital with a ‘live bed state’

If you are a member of staff who works in an area where eCARE is going live in May, make sure you have:

  • Attended any necessary eCARE training your role requires – having agreed this with your manager
  • Have an active Smartcard and know your passcode
  • Have used the play domain to familiarise yourself with the new system in advance of go-live

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to your line manager