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About Unions and Societies

There are ten unions /societies in the Trust. We represent staff at the Joint Consultative Negotiating Committee (JCNC) where hospital wide issues are discussed.
attend the policy review group and assist with ensuring policies are quality assured and fit for purpose.  

Unions & Societies in the Hospital help resolve problems or issues related to work and sometimes home.
We accompany staff to hearings, investigations and help with all sorts of queries around policies.
Whether you feel you are being bullied, or want to find out more about your right to flexible working, we can offer you free confidential advice. 

question.pngWhat is a trade union?  A trade union is a group of working people who have joined together to achieve better pay and working conditions and a safer working environment. We also get involved with the public or at a national level with MPs and in government.

question.pngWho is in a trade union? Ordinary working people like you – nearly seven million in the UK are in a trade union, doing all sorts of jobs at all levels in the Trust.

question_0.pngWhy join a trade union?   Members benefit from the strength and security that comes from people working together to tackle problems as well as getting support when you need it at work. You will have access to a wide range of help and benefits. Some unions also provide legal representation for workers.


Meet your Union Reps:




Representative name

British & Irish Orthoptic Society
click here for website

Jo Curtis - [email protected]

British Medical Association
click here for website 


  British Dietetic Association (BDA) 
click here for website


Chartered Society of Physiotherapy click here for website

Katie Child  - [email protected]
Becky Attrell - [email protected]

click here for website


Royal College of Midwives
click here for website

Grainnie Millwood -  [email protected]

Royal College of Nursing
click here for website

Sharon Stride -  [email protected]
Sharon Mitchell - [email protected]
Jade Parson -   [email protected]

Society of Radiographers
click here for website

John Short - [email protected]
Michael Fell -  [email protected] 
Susan McGowan -  [email protected] 

click here for website

South East UNISON
click here for website

Anne Booth - Branch Secretary & Hospital Steward
Details: 01908 996682/ or email [email protected]

Janine Jamieson - Hospital Steward
email: [email protected]

Juliet Harris - Hospital Steward
email: [email protected]

Neil Harrison (H&S only)  [email protected]

click here for website

Wendy Webb -  [email protected]
Nick Hollowell -  [email protected] 


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