Coaching can benefit people at all points of their career and Milton Keynes University Hospital is committed to supporting coaching in the Trust.Coaching is about 'developing a person's skills and knowledge so that their job performance improves, leading to the achievement of organisational, personal and team objectives. It targets high performance and improvement at work, and focuses on specific skills and goals.

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Why would I want Coaching?

Here are just some of the reasons why you might request Coaching:

  • I don’t think I’m being the best that I can be and I want to think about how to improve.
  • There are areas in which I need more confidence.
  • My work/life balance doesn’t feel in control.
  • I need to make a big decision and I want help to identify the right choice for me.
  • I have a number of options and I want to know I have identified all of them and chosen the right path.
  • I want to improve my Leadership skills.
  • I can’t keep all the plates spinning.
  • I’m not sure that what I’m doing meets my values or aspirations.
  • I want to achieve my goals.
  • My manager has suggested to me that it will be of benefit.
  • I want to improve my job satisfaction and happiness.
  • There are a lot of changes at work and I need help dealing with these.
  • I feel like I’m working hard but not being very productive.

Choosing your Coach

Our Coaches come from a range of professions across the Trust, some are clinical, some work in professional essential services. Many people find that working with a Coach from a different background provides them with different insights, while some people prefer a coach who has faced the same challenges.

Coaching is not a replacement for clinical supervision, Coaching focuses on your personal, professional and career development. You will be able to choose your Coach from the Coaching Biographies below.

You will be asked to choose three that you would like to work with – this better enables us to find someone who is available to take you.

You will have an initial meeting with your Coach, in which you will both be able to assess whether the match is right. If not then we will help you find someone more suitable.


You and your Coach will both sign a Coaching Contract which explains what you and your Coach are committing to. It also explains the Confidentiality involved in Coaching.

The content of your Coaching Sessions will be completely confidential between you and your Coach and your Coaching Sessions will be held in a private place. If you want to keep your Coaching Objectives confidential between you and your Coach then the Trust will fully support this.

Applying for Coaching

Coaching is open to all Trust staff, although you may have to wait for a Coach to become available as all of our Coaches are working within the Trust in other roles.

You must have the consent of your manager to take time away from work to attend Coaching Sessions, typically this will be between 4 and 6 one hour sessions spread over a few weeks at times to suit both you, and your coach.

You will be responsible for making any changes and carrying out any actions that you have agreed to do with your Coach. Coaching is not successful unless you make considerable effort.

To apply for coaching please contact Hannah Barnett in Learning & Development (ext. 85109) or email [email protected] . 

For further information please click here

Coaches Available

Angela Sheldrick 

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Angela has over 30 years’ experience in the NHS and understands and appreciates the pressures, demands and challenges. She has extensive experience in mentoring and counselling and these skills have helped her to support and develop students and peers to enable them to be as good as they can be. Angela feels the next logical step for her would be coaching as this is more about working in partnership with individuals. She is keen to help guide and facilitate the changes people would like to make in their working life.

Angela’s mentorship and counselling experience helped her lay down the foundations for creating an atmosphere of trust and non-judgemental support for individuals. She has been able to help her peers identify what is holding them back and finding the answers that work best for them. She is used to working in 1:1 settings and feels that the key to a good coach is the ability to listen.

Angela feels that the coaching experience should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience that raises self-awareness, focusing on identifying goals, needs and strengths. As well as exploring ways to enhance areas for development and promote emotional health and well- being. She is a member of the Trust’s coaching service and holds an ILM Level 5 qualification in Coaching.


Angie Legate 

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Angie is one of the new Coaching team enabled by the hospital to support individuals and teams to achieve their goals and fulfil their potential.Angie holds an ILM Level 5 qualification in Coaching.

After working for the Coca Cola Export Corporation, she joined the hospital in its infancy and has created opportunities out of emerging roles to further her hugely varied professional and personal development.

She provides visible leadership in support of staff, patients and the public.

Angie’s personal values are: Honesty, Integrity and Resilience.

Hannah Barnett

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Hannah has been working at MKUH for the past three years. She is passionate about helping others and seeing them develop, whether that be personal development, education and training or career progression.

Hannah holds the ILM Level 5 qualification in Coaching.

Hannah’s values are : Integrity, Independence , Expertise and Excellence.

Eleanor Sturgess


Eleanor has had a varied career whilst working for the NHS and has worked for the Trust for 19 years.

She became interested in Coaching after completing a Leadership in Action Programme and recognising that she enjoys helping people to attain their own goals. After completing the Communicating using Coaching Skills course, Eleanor went on to complete the ILM level 5 Coaching qualification.

Eleanor’s personal values are: Balance, Empathy & Honesty


Michaela Tait


Michaela has over 20 years’ NHS experience working in both acute and primary care settings. She has also held roles in NHS England, NHS Improving Quality, NHS Institute for Improvement & Innovation, NHS Direct, and Department of Health. She has also gained experience in the private sector.

Michaela has a passion for improvement and believes people have the power to create change and improvement. She is committed to doing the best job possible and supporting others to do the same.

Michaela is a P2P team member, a Schwartz facilitator and a staff governor. She also holds an ILM level 5 qualification in Coaching.

Michaela’s personal values are: compassion, creativity and positivity.

Monica Muvindi

Monica M_0.JPG

Monica has been working at Milton Keynes Hospital for 3 years and is currently completing her ILM Level 5 coaching qualification.

Monica is a Quality Improvement enthusiast and her motto is ‘Quality Improvement begins with I’. She encourages continuous improvement in all aspects of one’s life. Completing the ILM coaching qualification will award her with the knowledge and skills required to facilitate the enhancement of performance and personal development within the Trust.

Monica is a positive, bubbly and approachable individual who has a passion for empowering peers and colleagues with the right tools required to effectively do their job to the best of their ability.

Monica’s personal values are: Quality, Honesty, Empowerment and Individuality

Rebecca Long 


Becky has been working in the NHS since 2005, and has been a qualified mentor since 2006.


She is committed to staff development and support, was part of the LIASE pilot project for student nurses where they used coaching instead of mentoring and holds an ILM level 5 qualification in coaching.


Becky’s personal values are: compassion, excellence and creativity


Tracy Rea


Tracy has worked at Milton Keynes Hospital since 2005, and strives for improvement and support for staff.  Tracy believes if staff are nurtured and cared for like patients, there will be a happier workforce and less sickness due to stress.

Tracy is a health and wellbeing champion, a P2P champion, a mental health first aider and holds a ILM level 5 coaching qualification. She has gained the skills to help staff find their way and develop their careers.

Tracy’s personal values are:  loyalty, compassion, trustworthiness and most of all care for others.