Rosalind Franklin Programme Open for applications

NEWS! Rosalind Franklin Programme Open for applications

  • The Rosalind Franklin programme is designed to meet today’s healthcare challenges and enables you to bring about change and real improvement, with the ability to put your new skills into action where you work
  • The Rosalind Franklin programme aims to help shape mid-level leaders’ knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours to help them become outstanding, compassionate and inclusive leaders, working at all levels across the health and care system, to help improve services for people who access them
  • The programme is designed around practical learning in the workplace - the most important environment for you to learn and develop as a leader. It will enable you to put your work role, tasks and experiences to practical use in your study of leadership, whilst also providing intensive personal and professional development
  • You’ll emerge from the programme with the professional skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours to thrive in a more senior leadership role, ready to play your part in building a more compassionate health and care system
  • Our Rosalind Franklin programme isn’t just about your own learning; it’s about empowering your team and your organisation too. You’ll be able to use your new skills to inspire leadership qualities in others, so that you can lead your colleagues to fulfil their potential
  • The Rosalind Franklin programme is designed for the NHS, by the NHS and world-class experts
  • You’ll build a powerful, regional and national support network of like-minded, influential leaders from across the system, to gain support from and test out innovative ideas     


For further information please contact the Learning and Development Office in the Post Grad Centre, or Karen Camm onn 10908 995122 / ext 85122