Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs)

There is a need under current fire safety legislation to ensure that ‘relevant people’ (those legally on or in the vicinity of the building/premises) are considered in the emergency procedures/evacuation plan. This is known as a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP).

The procedure/plan is required to take into account people’s ability to be aware of any fire alarm activation and be able to evacuate safely from the building/premises.

There may be circumstances where individual members of staff or volunteers are unaware of the activation of the fire alarm and/or are unable to evacuate from the building because of a disability. In either of these circumstances there is a requirement to make any necessary adjustments.

To aid this process a PEEP should be completed by the Line Manager in consultation with the individual. This will help identify if any adjustments or procedures are required to ensure the safety of the individual. The PEEP is a confidential document which should be kept by the Line Manager or Individual.

Further advice and guidance is available along with blank copies of the PEEPs are available from the Fire Safety Advisor. Chris Gill, Fire Safety Advisor Tel: Internal: 86086 | External: 01908 996086 [email protected]